I’ve found, only those who have the courage to get up after a bad fall can really make a change in their own life.
I’m Fran Matteini, Virtual Assistant, Business Advisor and Empowerment Coach for VA’s & Founder of The Soulful VA Academy. Nice to meet you!
I speak Hippie! I am a groovy Italian woman who loves meditation, working on a computer and Music Lover, but also believes part of her heart sprang from the 60’s!
I love to help people reaching their goals, start their business online with the right steps and a good knowledge of what’s the market out there!
Also, I help women all around the world to become VA’s and start their business online everywhere they want to be!
My very great desire is to make the world a better place, filled with positive people, the only one I want to be surrounded by.
And for this reason, I take care of the mindset part as well, because nothing is more important than self-esteem and self-love.
I always include in my sessions with my clients, meditation and self-love rituals, because if you want to make the difference out there, you need to make the difference inside of you first!