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When we choose to have a consciousness of abundance we are more inclined to give, to risk, to throw in new businesses, to get out of the comfort zone, being open to new possibilities.

1. Cultivate gratitude

Gratitude is one of the essential ingredients for happiness. How many times did we stop to say thank you to the universe by the mere fact of being alive, of having a place to shelter, food on the table, a job, a family and friends who support us? It is not just all so obvious.

Every night, before going to sleep, thank yourself or for at least five things that happened to you during the day. How does that change your point of view? Pretty cool right?

2. Spend time with the people you love

The real luxury is not to have designer clothes or a fancy car, but to have the time to spend with the people we love. Each of us has on hand 24 hours each day is up to us to make sure to use it well.

3. Accept compliments and gives

Compliments are gifts of prosperity, but how many times we reject them because we are shy or maybe we just think that we are not worthy? When someone gives you a compliment, accept it with gratitude and love by answering a simple ‘Thank you’. And give compliments to others as well (in a genuine and sincere way); that’s an amazing way to spread abundance.

4. Pay attention to the words you use

As human beings, we have the power to say good or bad- things about ourselves and others. What words come out of our mouths? Are words and thoughts of esteem, approval, encouragement (abundance) or judgment and criticism (scarcity)? Take a moment to review your language and try to replace the NOT with a positive word.

The abundance also passes through the words. We pay attention to the internal dialogue and how we address others.

5. Make a wish list

Keep a wish list (places to see, recipes to try, etc.) It is another way to bring in the abundance in our lives. You can also add photographs or drawings to amplify still more the power of visualization and create a vision board. Open your heart to the world of possibilities around you!

6. Smile!

Smiling opens the door of our heart, it gives a warm welcome to the people we meet in our lives and spreads positive vibes. It doesn’t cost anything, you know?

The next time you answer the phone, smile: the other person can not help but notice the change in your tone of voice and perceive your opening against him.

7. Make space, even physically

The only way to make room in our lives for even bigger things is to let go of all those situations, people, objects and emotions that no longer serve us, who no longer support our aspirations.

Free up space even in our drawers and closets are also a way to liberate our inner space occupied by the memories and emotions associated with these. If we have every space occupied by things that we no longer want how can we pretend to receive new things? How can those things fit into a life where there is no room?

give thanks objects and clothes you used for so many years, people who have accompanied you for a stretch of your life but who now have exhausted their function, make room for something even bigger!