I realized I could no longer live with my fears. I looked  at my bank account. I realized nothing  was worth  being bitter.

I decided to get up and do something!

Stop procrastinating, stop doing things half-way.

I decided that the time had come to love myself

After all, you are the only person with whom you will have to live with for a lifetime.

I began my spiritual journey, starting from the most common meditations, being aware of the fact that the road ahead would be anything but simple.  

Thoughts and concerns began to appear in my head, one after another like scenes from a movie.

It was only then, that I realized the true meaning of meditation practice and I knew that the initial process was the same for everyone.

The real victory only comes to those who perseveres.

Thanks to this SPIRITUAL path, I was able to leave a full time job I hated to be able to start my own business, where I can afford to do what I love.

I am a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT who works with wonderful WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS.


My intent, with my job, is to give them the freedom they deserve, helping them with all the duties that an Online Business requires.

Fran Matteini

VA – Hippie Soul – Meditation Junkie – Vegan Heart