I’m Fran Matteini, Virtual Assistant, VA Coach. Nice to meet you!
I help soulful female entrepreneurs automate their business process by taking care of their “behind the scene tasks” so that they can focus on delivering their magic, without tech distractions.
Also, I help soulful  women all around the world generating a sustainable income by creating and launching their own Virtual Assistance business so that they can finally live the freedom lifestyle they desire!
Are you struggling with finding time to work on your business the way you always wanted?
Maybe, like me you started your business online because you were dreaming of a freedom lifestyle, you wanted to travel and take care of yourself and your family, but building and managing an online business can be really overwhelming!
I know that! I sometimes feel like I would use some help too!!
And that’s why I’m here! YES! Saving your time and your business with no effort! THAT’S MY JOB!
I support you and all that’s behind the scenes with automation, with strategy, with a process that is going to make your life easier!
Take a look at the list of things to keep in mind throughout the onboarding process!
Figure out what you are looking for from a VA
Are you seeking help for a one-time project or are you willing to have a long-term business relationship? Having a VA is not just a matter of pass things on and delegate. it’s about building a friendship and a really good relationship, in order to work in the best way possible, with the right synergy! That’s why I also pick my client because I want to make sure I’m going to work with a person who is ideal! And that should matter to you as well! So don’t stop in front of prices, but get to know better the person who is gonna place hands on your business!
Be clear about your goals
As I always like to point out, I and my team are a group of soulful people who are specialized in all areas, because we want to guarantee the best service our clients can possibly have! But on the other side, our clients need to be clear about what kind of help they are looking for. So when you hire a VA, make sure you ask if this one can handle what you are looking for. It’s easy and fast and that will give you peace of mind, without unpleasant surprises!
Communication is key!
Oh, i can totally open a whole chapter around this! it is not easy, sometimes to understand what are the necessities of a client, so when you hire a VA, make sure you know how to communicate properly what are your needs and how is the process you would love to follow. This only if you already have one, otherwise, you can easily ask your VA to make a strategy and a process around your business needs (by the way, I LOVE TO DO THAT!)
Open yourself and your business to your new VA
Make sure she knows as much as she can about your business and a little about yourself too! Share our website, social media and your goals!
So don’t worry, it’s not hard! You just need a good VA and here I am!
Now book a discovery call and let’s see if we are a good fit! ❤️