Great service from my soul

I will take care of your everything with passion and joy.  I love working with open-minded people! So this is for you if you feel like one!

Many Services

A range of over 50 kinds of services I can provide to let your business flow easily. I’m sure you can find something you need help with.

Awesome prices

Don’t worry! I won’t be asking you thousands of dollars! I believe in “people working with people” so i do value my job, but I care about yours as well.


A personalized Asana board for communication + project management is included for all the packages

Individual hours may be purchased at the rate of $40 per hour. If all package hours are not used by the client, up to 2 hours can roll over to the next month given that the client purchases another package of hours. Rollover hours expire after 30 days. Contact me to discuss a custom package if you don’t see one that will meet your needs here!