How to manifest help in your business when you “Can’t afford it”

I’ve been working as a Virtual Assistant for 5 years (that’s a long time, in know!) and for all this time the most popular answer I’ve received was “Thank you, but I think I can’t afford a VA at this moment”.


This didn’t happen when I’ve raised my prices (as after 4 years I felt like it was about time!), it happened also when my prices were so low I couldn’t really survive back then!

That explains something really interesting: it is not your bank account speaking on your behalf.

It’s your ego telling you constantly that you can’t afford something, even if you try hard, wanting it bad… IT’S YOUR MINDSET BABY!

I know, you probably heard this a million times, but if you’re here, reading it again, pushed by the curiosity to know if there’s another trick so you can skip the MINDSET part, well sorry to disappoint you, but there is not.

It all starts from there, it all starts from your limiting beliefs and what you’re putting on the table. Hey, I’m not saying that I don’t believe you if you tell me your bank account has an issue this month. I totally relate! And I don’t even like it when people tell me that I have to have money because that’s how it is WTF?

No, absolutely! BUT (and that’s a big but) what I learned from all my books, classes and personal experience, is that first of all I NEEDED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY fro what I was surrounded by, the life that I was living and yes, my wallet.

And when I did, something has shifted for me and things started to go in the right direction.

BUT (and this one is another big one!) I have a few tips I wanna share with you today in order to help that mindset have a radical change so you can start attracting more in your life! (not only help! But if you do need help in your business, make sure you book a free consultation with me!)

Let’s dive in, shall we?

1) Set a clear intention

Ok, first things first, what’s an intention? an intention is purposefully deciding how you want something to feel. It’s setting the mood and the vibe for the day!

It’s like a post-it note reminder for our brain.



Remember you don’t need to pick many, just work on 1 or 2.

2) Be ready to take risk

Yes, I’ve said it!

This is crucial. You know you are taking a risk of hiring someone to help you and your business because the uncertainty is behind the corner. You don’t have a clue if the person you want to work with is the right one, you have no idea if you can pay for it every month, you don’t know if you can trust.

But that’s the whole purpose of finally step-up and scale.

You have to trust, the ideal VA will come to you if you are ready, she will have the right tools to help you in a particular area of your business that you are not ready to take charge for or you don’t want to waste time on.

It’s all about the intentions you have set (look up!)

Taking the risk means putting your trust in the hands of another person who is aligned with your purpose and your beliefs.

As for the money, start off with a lower package, feel the thing, study the situation while working along with this person, and if everything feels right, then you can choose to hire for a longer period of time and for a higher package. Do not totally throw yourself out there.

This way you will feel calmer, more focused on your goals and you will prove yourself that you made the right choice and that, my friend, FEELS GOOD AF!

3) Meditate

Meditation is a powerful tool that will lead the way to a better mindset. This is my to-go tool, it’s been for years, and today I can affirm that has helped me a lot with decision-making, mindset changing and so much more!

In the morning, after setting your intentions, make sure you take 10 minutes for yourself and sit down in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and let someone else guide you through it.

It’s only necessary going on Youtube and looking for a guided meditation that can be useful for your purpose, like for instance a meditation that can help you with being grateful or to manifest wealth. Those are my favorites!

4) Visualize your success

After your 10 minutes of meditation, allow yourself to visualize your dream, the life you want for yourself, the success that your business has reached since you hired a VA. But focus on the feeling that this will give you as it has already happened. And feel all the feels of having a successful entrepreneurial journey, feel it, touch, taste, and smell, using all your senses to make sure you can actually live that reality IN THE NOW.

You can use another guided video on Youtube if this is too hard for you, as you keep having thoughts running through your mind, at least at the beginning. It will take some time to adjust and be a PRO but trust me, nothing is better than seeing yourself where you want to be and feeling it like it’s your current reality!

5) Journal and write your goal

Now that you visualized your amazing career flying high, and you’re back to earth, take a notepad, a journal and start writing what happened in that visualization. Keep acting and writing as if it is already yours as if it already happened

EXAMPLE: I’m so grateful I just hired my amazing VA! She understands my work, my spirit and she allows me to have more freedom to work on my magic and with my clients, while she takes care of everything else behind the scenes…

See? iT’S NOT HARD! But you have to remember to feel. That would make you happy, right? WELL, I BET!

Then hold that feeling with you for as long as you can, because that’s what’s gonna put you in the same vibration of your dream life and the Universe will serve you what you have asked for!

Make sure you write down all the specifics about your new VA! That will help the process of meeting the right one, so you will attract the one you really wish for!

I also recommend reading this GAME-CHANGER BOOK because it literally changed my life and my mindset!

6) Take action!

And here we are with the last, but maybe most important step to help you manifest the VA of your dreams. TAKE ACTION!

Doing all the things I just told you to do is taking action, but that is not enough.

Book a few calls around with VA’s that you saw online, that you might want to work with, get to know them better, chose them wisely, listening to your intuition (don’t waste anybody’s time, that’s key! As a VA I had to admit, lots of people in the past booked calls with me and they were not interested at all.)

BUT YOU ARE! YOU ARE INTERESTED! THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS so start being the person who is gonna work with a VA!

I hope this helped! Leave me a comment, follow me on IG and if you are interested in getting to know me better, please book a free call with me! It’s like going on a wine tasting and I’m a fun person, so we hopefully going to end up working together or become friends.

Either way, I’d love to connect!

Much love and abundance to you!

Fran, The Traveling CEO


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